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2015-2016 LPSS Calendar can be found here!

Congratulations to all
2015-2016 LEF Grant Recipients.
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Congratulations to all
2015 LEF Teacher Awards Finalists!

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and Top Finalists.


Congratulations to all
2015 LEF Teacher Awards Nominees!

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Congratulations to the 2014-2015

LEF Grant Recipients!

Congratulations to the 2014 ReProm Royalty -
King Gifford Briggs and Queen Kelsey Corrigan!


J. Wallace James Elementary

Holds Leadership Day!

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Lafayette Education Foundation strives for the utmost excellence in educating our students and building a firm partnership with other training providers and educators that share our same unique beliefs. We are continually looking for talented and cutting edge training programs to meet the always changing needs of our students, and providing our learners with top quality eLearning training programs. Our newest and most convenient partnership is with K Alliance, an online educator and eLearning industrialist with decades of experience in the fields of information technology and desktop applications. Visit K Alliance today for a full list of the courses available.